More Reasons to Blog?

I’ve just read a post from Jeff Bullas’ blog on the topic of “What are the 10 Secret Benefits of Blogging?”  Bullas runs a great blog on anything and everything to do with social media and online marketing. I highly recommend perusing through his posts as he shares the latest trends as well as his own insights on these two subject areas.

In his post, he discusses 10 benefits to blogging:

  1. You will become a better writer
  2. Your video skills will improve
  3. You will learn
  4. Visibility – people will hear about you
  5. Expert status
  6. Become a champion researcher
  7. Power networker
  8. Your memory will improve
  9. Your creativity will increase
  10. Synergizes and synthesizes focus

He also proposes that you will feel a sense of fulfillment after having had the opportunity to pen and share your thoughts and experiences.

I feel that the last point identifies the most important benefit of blogging and, at the same time, reveals an obstacle to successful blogging. Your posts are a reflection of what you think and how you truly feel about your own blog. Readers can sense when a blogger is or isn’t genuinely interested in what he writes. How can you expect to engage your readers and expect your readers to feel engaged if you don’t believe in what you write?

To me, blogging doesn’t work for everyone. In order to market and communicate effectively, you need to find a tool that works for you and one that you can use well. For those who prefer brevity, Twitter is a great platform for sharing snippets of information. For others, Facebook can be an effective tool for posting your own updates as well as for sharing that of others. One size (or in this case, one method) doesn’t fit all — there is a plethora of social media tools out there that you can adopt. Taking a trial-and-error approach and trying each of them out will help you identify which one works best for you.


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