My Foray into Digg

“Hi, my name is Winnie and I am a latecomer to the Digg party.”

Digg has been around since 2004. The realization that it has taken me 8 years to join in on the fun has started to sink in. Because the site has been rebuilt from ground up and was relaunched on August 1st (a mere 4 days ago), however, I can console myself with the fact that I am among the first crop of people to join the Digg v1 party. I am mentally digging this sense of personal accomplishment as we speak.

To celebrate my new membership, I submitted for digging an article called 5 Tech Companies That Get Content Marketing Right.

Wait, I should backtrack a little bit.

One of the topics currently being discussed in my Social Media Marketing course is social media optimization (SMO). There is currently a list of 16 best practices for SMO that were developed through the collective effort of 5 social media marketers: Rohit Bhargava, Jeremiah Owyang, Cameron Olthuis, Loren Baker, and Lee Odden. A key theme across this list is sharing quality content. After all, why should we expect people to disseminate content that is neither of value nor interest?

In 5 Tech Companies That Get Content Marketing Right, author Sivan Cohen has compiled a list of blogs that fits this theme. In particular, I really like the KISSmetrics blog as it provides suggestions that cater to newcomers to content marketing as well as to seasoned professionals. I am currently in the midst of creating a new personal website and I found this article on Google indexing especially useful. Although Cohen’s article focuses only on blogs, the issue of content quality is applicable to every social media platform.

These are certainly some critical ideas to ponder if you want your material to capture people’s attention and have staying power.

How do you develop and share quality content?


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