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Where Have All the Gamers Gone?

The rising popularity and convenience of smartphones have paved the way for success for casual games such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Infinity Blade. But do not let the term “mobile gaming” fool you – according to a survey by Mocospace, 96% of respondents play mobile games at home.

What does this mean for people in the video game industry? The good news is that these folks are still raking in the money. The bad news? Game sales are “on their lowest level since 2006”.

If you were a video game giant, what would you do to resuscitate sales?

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My Foray into Digg

“Hi, my name is Winnie and I am a latecomer to the Digg party.”

Digg has been around since 2004. The realization that it has taken me 8 years to join in on the fun has started to sink in. Because the site has been rebuilt from ground up and was relaunched on August 1st (a mere 4 days ago), however, I can console myself with the fact that I am among the first crop of people to join the Digg v1 party. I am mentally digging this sense of personal accomplishment as we speak.

To celebrate my new membership, I submitted for digging an article called 5 Tech Companies That Get Content Marketing Right.

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