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My Foray into Digg

“Hi, my name is Winnie and I am a latecomer to the Digg party.”

Digg has been around since 2004. The realization that it has taken me 8 years to join in on the fun has started to sink in. Because the site has been rebuilt from ground up and was relaunched on August 1st (a mere 4 days ago), however, I can console myself with the fact that I am among the first crop of people to join the Digg v1 party. I am mentally digging this sense of personal accomplishment as we speak.

To celebrate my new membership, I submitted for digging an article called 5 Tech Companies That Get Content Marketing Right.

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More Reasons to Blog?

I’ve just read a post from Jeff Bullas’ blog on the topic of “What are the 10 Secret Benefits of Blogging?”  Bullas runs a great blog on anything and everything to do with social media and online marketing. I highly recommend perusing through his posts as he shares the latest trends as well as his own insights on these two subject areas.

In his post, he discusses 10 benefits to blogging:

  1. You will become a better writer
  2. Your video skills will improve
  3. You will learn
  4. Visibility – people will hear about you
  5. Expert status
  6. Become a champion researcher
  7. Power networker
  8. Your memory will improve
  9. Your creativity will increase
  10. Synergizes and synthesizes focus

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