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Facebook, Fan Pages, and Timeline

Nowadays, most brands have already established their presence on Facebook by setting up Fan Pages. The recent (forced!) migration to the Timeline layout has had a significant impact upon both personal accounts and Fan Pages alike, with users scrambling to renovate their pages and content to better fit the new format before the changes officially kicked in. Unfortunately, there is no way to opt-out and go back to the old layout (cue the collective moans). As blogger Pam Moore writes in her article, however, the best way forward is to adapt to this change and make things work to your advantage. The advice that she gives is valuable to both companies with existing Fan Pages as well as to those who are considering starting up their own pages.

Fan Pages do not become successes by themselves – they require careful planning, dedicated resources, and innovation in order to help them stand out from the crowd. After all, why would a company bother to create a page but not care whether people will view and “Like” it?

I think that the Fan Page for RW & Co., a Canadian fashion brand, is well done and a good role model to other, similar-sized clothing brands.

What are some of the things that the company is doing right?

  • They have a relevant and appealing cover photo. As of today, the picture shows a stylishly dressed couple who look as if they are on their way to a party, which is very different from the typical fashion advertisements where models look as if they are dressed for the runway. This casual image reinforces the company’s motto of “effortless & original styles for Him & Her”.
  • They post on a frequent basis – approximate 3 or 4 times a week. They also maintain a good balance of photos and text. I especially like how they minimize the use of large photos by grouping their picture uploads, which has the effect of displaying the images as thumbnails on the main page. Together, these efforts keep the content fresh and make the page look clean and easy to read.
  • They are quick to respond to user comments and provide helpful information instead of just giving brief and not-so-meaningful replies. For instance, when a user asked when a certain product would be in stores, the company responded by saying that the product is from their Holiday Collection and would arrive in stores late October to end of November. Not only did the company answer the user’s question, they also provided an additional tidbit of information to advertise the product.
  • They hold contests whereby users simply fill out a form as well as those that encourage users to submit their own content. One notable example is their annual wedding contest where users can submit pictures of themselves wearing RW&CO. clothing at their own weddings.
  • The company sets up polls to gauge whether certain products or trends will be popular amongst its audience. This encourages users to provide direct feedback to RW&Co. that the company can use to shape their strategic decisions.

Although the company already is doing a great job of maintaining its Fan Page, there is always room for improvement. For instance, the company could consider some of these suggestions:

  • The Fan Page thumbnail should be congruent with the theme of their corporate website. It is not immediately obvious how the blue background relates to their overall colour scheme and branding (black, grey, and white).
  • Commenting on polls should be enabled so as to encourage users to discuss their poll choices and share their opinions.
  • Encourage users to share the company’s posts – e.g. “Hit “Share” if you think that this will be the next trend!”. Although Shares require more user effort to complete, this helps to disseminate information beyond your existing fan base because friends of your fans will see these Shares on their own news feeds.

Do you have any examples of Facebook Fan Pages that you feel are well done? What is it about the page that makes it appealing to users?

Are there pages that you think would benefit from a complete overhaul? Share your picks below and tell us how you would improve them.


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